Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nikkon D7000 Review with Holga Lens

Nikkon released a new body, the D7000 last fall to compete with the Pentax K-5 which had people at some of the fora trembling in their clown boots. I decided to review that body but not with the usual lens. Since I am on a tight budget and the prices of Stout have gone up recently, I decided to purchase a used D70s. The Holga lens wasn't a problem since they cost an average of $20. That makes them arguably the best value not only for the Nikkon crowd but the Cannon crowd as well. Who needs L glass when such artist's glass (err plastic) is available. To simulate sensor stains on the D70s, I took a paint brush and dabbed on 3 tiny spots of Vaseline. Then I drank another Stout. I then attached the Holga and did some test shots at the beach. The results were very artsy despite the sensor stain problems. In fact, when used with the Holga, it doesn't really matter if the sensor stains are there or not. If they are problematic, just keep drinking Stout and they should go away. I would post results of this test, but everyone already knows what lomography style shots look like and would be a waist of bandwidth. By the way, if you found this D7000 & Holga review helpful, please make a donation to the Stout fund.

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