Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MPE 65mm lens review

So, what would I say? Optically, the 65mm macro lens could be nice, only when it is stopped down or when it is wide opened but focus properly. The most unfortunate thing is that for such a fast, luxury and expensive lens, its AF is particularly problematic and actually no camera body I have ever used can cope with its auto-focus being so slow. Another annoying issue is with the infinity focus, it won't focus to infinity and the support people say I don't know what I'm doing. As for the focusing errors, most of the resolution of this supposed to be high resolution lens is wasted when it arises, unless you use LiveView to do the AF and/or to do MF with some kinds of aids. On a positive note, it is an expensive lens and has plenty of bling. Just don't expect any good portrait from this lens.

These people had better success than me. Perhaps they had more stout.
Dedicated Macro Review Did I mention I take donations for Stout?


  1. Does this lens have auto focus?

  2. No, but that doesn't really effect they overall outcome since I was drinking stout during the review.