Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recommended Cameras for Normal People

Resolution and ISO are silly numbers used to try to sell you more expensive cameras. You should just pony up and purchase the most expensive thing in the store since you don't know much about the specs and that way you know up front that you have the best gear out there. Plus you won't take as much of a loss on it when you sell it to buy the next great gear that comes on the market.

Remember, real SLR cameras like the CX62500 are a zillion times better in the dark than newest point-and shoots, and are superb for use at night without flash.

Don't buy a camera because a salesman tries to smoke you with gibberish like MP or ISO. They have nothing more to do with a camera's quality because it the price and newness that truly matters. After all, you don't want that sister/brother-in-law or sibling of the significant other to show up at the next family get together with a better kit. Spend $3K or more on a kit and taken low light images like the one above will be so easy a caveman that drank 6 stouts can do it. Even if you can't, people will assume you do because you spent so much money.

I just realized that I'm running out of Guinness so any donations will be greatly appreciated and no proceeds will go to raise a family.

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